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Sep 6, 2012 3:33pm EDT
have a caller from los angeles. go ahead. >> i just wanted to know, i heard a previous caller on the republican line who is looking forward to a mitt romney presidency. folks tend to give him the benefit of the dow. they don't tend to do that with barack obama. with mitt romney, i feel like he has been very evasive and very elusive. we don't know the agenda. he plops on the issue to whatever is expedient. i don't feel he is a trust for the person, but he tends to get the benefit of the doubt. we are supposed to go with that. i don't know how someone becomes president when he is so secretive. >> we will get a response. her point about his taxes, how important is that to the undecided voter? >> i think it factors in to help transparent he is. both candidates are getting the benefit of the dow and getting away with very low specifics about what they will do in the next four years. they are both getting away with stretching and distorting and making up facts. in some cases, i think there is some lying going on on both sides. they are both getting away within and is up to people li
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1